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Tattoos can cause cancer & AIDS too | Media Maasters

For most people nowadays, getting inked is an acceptable, relatively mainstream activity. According to a Harris poll, roughly one in four to five American adults can now boast of having at least one tattoo.Tattoos have become a style statement these days. The tattoos are trending to a great extent and most of the youths living in the cities are making sure to have their bodies inked. There is a lot of buzz that tattoos cause cancer and AIDS. Before inking the body, one has to definitely give at least slightest attention to the rumors that are stressing the cause of dangerous diseases that come with inking. Skin experts say that the color liquids and chemicals that are used for inking the body have a possibility to cause infections and allergies. Though it is not commonly seen in every person who tattooed his/her body, it can be said that those with sensitive skin are at risk. The needles used to make the inking should be hygiene to avoid diseases that spread one to another like AIDS. So, if you are planning to ink your body, make sure to check the tools and colors used for inking.

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